Having started in the legal field, we have provided translation services for numerous legal matters, including high-profile international lawsuits to local judgments of divorce.

Upon the request of our clients, we expanded our services to cover other technical areas. We have worked in a variety of technical subjects, including technical safety manuals, pharmaceutical and medical projects to aerospace defense projects.

As your language consultant, our goal is to provide the best process and product based on the intended purpose of your translation. Depending on your need and goal, we offer several levels of service.

ISO 17100: This process consists of a tiered quality control procedure with a minimum of two individuals. Team members have five years minimum experience, and hold a bachelor degree (or equivalent) relative to their area of subject expertise. Team members also have professional experience in their specialized area. ISO 17100 is the process we employ by default. It is suggested for high quality translations to be used publically or in critical situations or important processes, such as court, safety manuals, permitting, and health records. This is the process employed for our Certified Translations as well.

Single Pass/For Information Only (FIO): This process is suggested when the document is needed for internal purposes only. A subject-specialist, who has a minimum of five years experience, performs the “single pass” translation. FIO is economical and sufficient when you need an accurate translation by a subject-specialist for internal purposes. FIO is often employed when working on large global litigation cases. FIO is the first stage in translation after the multi-lingual document review. Attorneys can then select which documents they need certified. This is an economical approach and preferred when you have an internal individual for final review.

Machine Translation (MT/PEMT): Even though machine translation has come a long way, it has a long way to go. We offer this service when budget is tight. We are able to provide a post-edit of the machine translation; however, it is often difficult to “remove the machine” from the translation. Again, this service is only for a basic idea of what the content is stating.

Certified Translations

“A statement signed by the translator or translation company representative, with his or her signature notarized by a Notary Public, attesting that the translator or translation company representative believes the target-language text to be an accurate and complete translation of the source-language text.” (American Translators Association)

Certified Translations are often used by courts and government agencies. Here at Linguistic Arete’ we can provide Certified Translations for all final projects.

Glossary Creation

For long-term legal, medical, or business cases glossary creation is mandatory to ensure term consistency throughout the project. Many terms have several meanings in other languages, and many also have different meanings depending on the industry and context they are being used in. Glossaries streamline communication and maintain the cohesion required for any professional project.

To create your custom glossary, our highly-trained professionals will search through any material you may already have to compile a list of vital words, which are approved by the appropriate parties. These words are specific to your industry and company and are treated as the highest priority to be translated accurately for your business.

It is good practice to create a glossary for all your business communications before you begin a new project with a non-English speaking client. However, this does not mean that we cannot create a glossary later in the process. Glossaries are useful tools that enhance understanding between your business and any non-English speaking clients.