Economical Technical Language Courses

Many people require a working knowledge of an additional language that’s specifically focused on the needs of their workplace. This is where we can help, providing short courses which concentrate on the type of specialist language usage that’s relevant to your particular sector.

Multiple Learning Methods

We provide short courses (typically around ten weeks) which teaches language through a range of different mediums. As well as explanatory lessons and practice sessions, we also include audio and oral comprehension and additional practice to increase accent authenticity.

Technical Language Courses that Can Be Tailored to Your Requirements

If you have particular requirements when it comes to your language learning goals, let us know! We aim to provide a customized service that’s designed to meet your needs. Often it’s possible to tailor what we teach so that you get the skills that you require to communicate confidently with your clients, no matter what type of work you’re engaged in.

Contact Us to Find Out More about Our Technical Language Courses

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