Medical Spanish Courses

If you work in the medical profession, good communication with patients is absolutely vital. When assisting Spanish-speaking patients with little English comprehension, having a basic command of Spanish, particularly if it includes the medical terminology relevant to your specialization, can really help. We offer medical Spanish courses that equip students with basic Spanish, which also includes the specialist vocabulary and phrases needed in a medical setting.

Customized Content in Our Spanish Classes

We recognize that each student may have slightly different needs when it comes to their Spanish learning. In addition to keeping the format and content of the classes as relevant as we can, we are also able to customize classes, providing content that’s exactly right for your organizational requirements. We can even create a customized course for your workforce and implement it on site!

Range of Learning Mediums

As well as traditional text book learning, we also use a number of innovative techniques to boost leaning success. These include additional practice in speaking (particularly with a view to obtaining a correct accent), aural comprehension and practice sessions to reinforce the learning taking place in lessons.

Get in Touch to Find Out More about Our Medical Spanish Courses

If you need a high-quality, economical medical Spanish course, we have some excellent options available. To discuss your requirements with us in more detail, or to benefit from our FREE quotation service, call us at (866) 574-1702.