Experienced Provider of Medical Interpretation Services

In our multicultural society, there are frequently occasions when medical professionals need skilled translators to facilitate communication with their patients. We provide experienced, bi-lingual interpreters who are also specifically trained and assessed to fulfill the patient interpreter role successfully.

You Can Set the Test for Medical Interpreters

If you have particular requirements for your interpreters, let us know and we can devise a tailored test that’s designed to ensure every interpreter that works for you has the relevant competencies you need. Once the test has been finalized, only those who pass it will be allowed to undertake interpretation work for you. Before providing interpretation services, interpreters are usually briefed on the background to the work, enabling them to offer a customized, responsive service.

Flexible Medical Interpretation Services

You can either use us on a one-off basis, or set up a rolling contract so that interpretation provision is always available exactly when needed. We aim to work flexibly with you to come up with a service that meets your specific needs.

Medical Interpreters Available Now

We aim to offer every client access to top-quality medical interpretation services that provide accurate translation as well as an exceptional level of professionalism and discretion. To find out more about our service or request a FREE quote, call us at (866) 574-1702.