Legal Support Solutions

The combination of our language, professional and legal support services allow us to operate as a virtual global business hub. By engaging our services, small and medium sized business can operate cost effectively in the global market. Legal support services are available in multiple languages.

Contract Management – More often than not, contract management is highly stressful and time consuming. By having a third party handle your contact management, you can focus on maximizing your company’s productivity. As contract managers, we cover the negotiation, creation, and execution of contracts for small and medium sized businesses, maximizing profits and reducing costs for clients. We work closely with you to determine your needs and expectations.



What we can do for you:

– Review of contract existing contract terms and conditions

– Negotiate contract terms and conditions based on your needs

– Contract abstracts

– Locate vendors

– Issue and manage RFPs

– RFP bid submission assistance

– Bid summaries and cost effective solution summaries

– Monitor and review RFPs, public and private

– Review standard contract language
– Monitor project milestones and contractual obligations


By contracting a third party for your contract management, you can increase workflow and reduce costs. All documents are stored electronically for easy access by all permitted parties.


Multilingual Inbox Support and Customer Service


Many companies operate in multiple countries and providing foreign language support services is a key component of exceptional customer service. We work with small to medium sized businesses in the international market, whose workflow may not warrant staffed language experts for all destination countries. This is where we provide the solution: multilingual inbox support. We are able to monitor your inbox, either directly via a shared inbox or through a company point-of-contact. We provide answers to your customers’ inquiries. Our services allow you to optimize customer support for all of your international clients, making you a global player.


We can also provide remote multilingual customer service support services. Our strategic partnership with our local IT company allows us to provide virtual bilingual support services at low costs, making us a cost effective, integral part for global business.

Multilingual Document Review – Being a top provider of legal translations, we have highly talented legal translation teams comprised of attorneys and paralegals worldwide. Many times, in order to reduce litigation and translation costs in global litigation, a multilingual document review is required. Our team members can mange this stage of litigation. We can review documents in any language and determine what is what is relevant as it pertains to your case.

We have complete transparency for document review projects. The goals of a document project must be clearly defined and understood. Nothing can be missed. Thus, we allow you, the client, to be in direct contact with the team. We simply cut down your prep time by providing an established, qualified team.

Throughout this stage of litigation we can also perform all electronic document management and indexing per your instructions. By contracting with us for document review projects, we eliminate much of the busy work and allow you to focus on your argument.

Our remote legal support team assists in the successful operation of your law office. Whether you need a general legal assistant or a specialized paralegal, we have a team member for you.

We provide both short-term and long-term support, and have bilingual team members as well!

Language barriers within the legal system can have serious consequences. Having a bilingual member on your legal team can help eliminate anxiety and promote understanding. Our remote legal support can supplement your existing legal team. Let our virtual paralegals and legal assistants help you keep in touch with professional contacts and beat deadlines.

Who Is the Virtual Paralegal?

Through formal education, training, and experience, our paralegals have extensive knowledge and expertise in the legal system, including both substantive and procedural law, which qualify them to perform work of a legal nature under the supervision of the attorney. Their job responsibilities outstretch across a broad field of individual practice areas.

At Linguistic Areté, our paralegals perform meaningful procedural legal work as authorized under NALA’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and adhere strictly to the accepted standards of legal ethics, and to the general principles of proper conduct.

Our company’s paralegals work for outside attorneys and are responsible for many areas of the law. We can assist your firm in many areas to help facilitate office operations and case management:

  • Attendance at Hearings, Meetings and Trials
  • Attending Will Executions clients
  • Client and Witness Interviews
  • Docket Management
  • Drafting of pleadings, Briefs and Legal Documents
  • Legal research and analysis
  • Contract Abstracts
  • Legal Project Management
  • Legal Research and Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Skip Tracing
  • Trial /Hearing Preparation
  • Contract Management
  • Deposition Summaries

Remember, we perform the same functions as the attorney, except those generally prohibited by the unauthorized practice of law statutes- for example, accepting clients, setting legal fees, giving legal advice, or representing others in court.

Because the law is complex and often ambiguous, our paralegals must be able to think analytically and logically. Our paralegals can recognize and evaluate relevant facts and legal concepts. Our paralegals also have the interpersonal skills to organize, analyze, communicate, and resolve conflicts.

As a small business, we understand the trials of operating a full-time, successful business. You need help, and we can help. We work remotely with clients and team members located around the world.

Our virtual assistant services range from basic clerical services, transcription services, to full on account and social media ad creation. Combined with our strong legal backgrounds, our virtual assistants can perform more in-depth, specialized services. We can also work as contract and project managers, helping you optimize your time, productivity and earnings.

As a language firm, our virtual assistant services are offered in a variety of languages. Whether you need a Mandarin contract manager, or a Spanish medical account manager, we are the solution.

We can provide full-time, part-time or ad-hoc virtual assistants. You may be assigned a single VA or you may simply submit your project for completion by our qualified team members. We will discuss your needs and expectations to determine the best solution.