Legal Language Courses Available Here

Legal documents and processes can be confusing, but become even more so when they are not in your native language. If you work in a position where knowledge of legal terminology in an additional language would be an advantage, we can help. We offer legal language courses that have been designed specifically for beginners who need to learn specialist legal vocabulary and terms.

Ideal for Para Legal Professionals and International Workers

Our courses incorporate a range of learning methods, giving students the very best chance of succeeding. In addition to practice sessions and informative lessons, we also include additional assistance to improve pronunciation and accent as well as oral and aural practice.

We Can Customize Your Legal Language Courses

If you have specific goals when it comes to your foreign language learning, we can tailor our course to include them. As a professional, well-established translation and interpretation service, we have the capability to customize our language courses to mirror the needs of your business. No matter how technical or specialist your work may be, we can usually formulate a course to suit.

Cost-Effective Legal Language Courses

We know that price is important to our customers, which is why we keep our prices competitive, at the same time as continuing to keep quality and value at the heart of what we do. For further information, or to get a FREE quote for your next legal language course, call us at (866) 574-1702.