Increasing Your Business with Translation & Interpretation Services

Based in Michigan, Linguistic Areté is a unique language firm that is designed to allow businesses and professionals to access quality translation & interpretation services to allow effective communication.

Our language services span many different industries and specializations. Our staff has extensive experience in providing technical translations for everything from the automotive industry to energy and from business and finance to oil and gas refining.

We also specialize in medical translations as well as life science translations, both areas where the subject matter familiarity is critical for accurate translations. We are also able to provide legal translation, which is also very specialized and requires an expert knowledge of the language for accurate translating and interpreting services.

The Services Offered

In addition to our translation & interpretation services, we also provide full medical document translation, virtual paralegal services, and virtual legal assistant services in the languages you require.

We can provide on-site interpreting, or we can provide video remote or telephone interpreting which is often required for international business meetings or interactions. Our company provides voice over and subtitling services and as well as fully certified translations and document reviews.

Linguistic Areté offers several different language course options. These are specially designed in the required language to provide your in-house staff with the emphasis on providing a working knowledge of a second language to allow your staff to do their job.

Our goal at Linguistic Areté is to provide the customized language services your business requires. We are able to customize the services we provide to meet your translation and interpretation requirements, which provides you with the support, training or services that you require. To find out more, browse the website or contact us at 866-574-1702 to discuss your translation needs.